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3 children walking hand-in-hand

Strength for Sydney

Inclusion vs. Acceptance

In the fall of 2006, Sydney was about 10 months old and I was just beginning my long relationship with… Read More

We all have a lotus flower.

Over the past several weeks the ice bucket challenge has flooded social media. It has proven to be a remarkable… Read More

Lessons learned.

Sometimes it is important to revisit your past to realize you can handle the future. Every other year I attend… Read More

Being retarded is no laughing matter!

It was the spring of 2007, Sydney was 15 months old at the time, when the word Retarded first crossed… Read More

If I only knew then what I know now…A note to my former self.

Dear Jen, (September 2007) I am sorry to hear about Sydney, Her diagnosis must be quite a shock.  There was… Read More